Year One

I've had my Mavic Pro for just over a year. It's my first drone and approaching it as a photography tool, I love it. After gaining confidence in using the drone, it really is amazing. I'd love a better camera on it, even more so the ability to change lenses but considering how small and capable this drone is makes it a very impressive piece of kit. I decided to put together an edit from the footage collected over the past year. Still a lot to improve in terms of getting the most out of the Mavic but it's been a blast to use. Please watch with audio if you can.

God's Country

Exploring past Auckland's city limits, an hour or so west of the CBD and I came across an abandoned church in Awhitu. The day started off with clear skies but as I am quickly learning, winter weather here in Auckland is anything but consistent but I'll take some less than ideal weather if it will help add mood and atmosphere to a photo.