Dry River Wines

I was recently commissioned by Geoff Francis of Goodeye and the team at Dry River Wines to capture photographs for their annual magazine sent out to regular customers globally. It was a crisp and calm winters morning in Martinborough the day of the shoot, offering up ideal conditions for both traditional and aerial photos. I was able to spend the morning exploring the winery seeking out interesting compositions, making use of the great morning light. I particularly enjoyed the top-down aerial photos exploring the lines and textures of the vineyard. I am very pleased to be able to work with a fantastic and well respected brand such as Dry River Wines as well as having my photos put to use by such an excellent designer as Mr Geoff Francis.

Year One

I've had my Mavic Pro for just over a year. It's my first drone and approaching it as a photography tool, I love it. After gaining confidence in using the drone, it really is amazing. I'd love a better camera on it, even more so the ability to change lenses but considering how small and capable this drone is makes it a very impressive piece of kit. I decided to put together an edit from the footage collected over the past year. Still a lot to improve in terms of getting the most out of the Mavic but it's been a blast to use. Please watch with audio if you can.

God's Country

Exploring past Auckland's city limits, an hour or so west of the CBD and I came across an abandoned church in Awhitu. The day started off with clear skies but as I am quickly learning, winter weather here in Auckland is anything but consistent but I'll take some less than ideal weather if it will help add mood and atmosphere to a photo.