Project Profile - 2015/2016 America's Cup Wolrd Series Titles

A comparison of an early animatic vs final delivery for the world feed titles for the 2015 - 2016 America's Cup World Series.

The animatic was created in Cinema 4D with the shots edited in After Effects. The animatic went through many revisions to adjust for things such as music changes as well as animated characters which had an effect on timing and composition.

Style frames created for the initial pitch process, as well as being a bit of RnD early on, served as the starting point for the animatic. I built my scenes to be animation ready.

The project involved elements created in Cinema 4D, Houdini and Maya. Alembic and FBX files were used to export camera and boat animations out of Cinema and into Houdini to create the water sims and Maya for character animation, texturing and lighting. The first two shots came out of Cinema as the boat forming was created with a PolyFX modifier. The Cup was also rendered out of Cinema. Everything else was rendered out of Maya. Everything was then composited in After Effects. You can watch the final results below.

Drive Colour Pallete

I came across an interesting post on Reddit regarding the film Drive's colour palette. I can't find the Reddit post but I did save the link to the Imgur gallery created by user caulkmeat.  Check out the gallery he setup with a keen observation of the orange and blue colour palette used throughout the film. This goes beyond colour grading but shows the effort made to weave a visual theme throughout the film. My best guess is that this is all based on the look of traffic at night. It's pretty interesting an makes a great film even better.