My first camera...

Kodak Medalist 1

This is the first camera I ever used - a Kodak Medalist I which used disc film. This was my mom's camera which she used for taking family photos but I always thought it was the coolest looking camera. It was so small compared to what everyone else was using.

I ended up getting my mom to pull this out of a box for me. The memories of using this, even the places I visited as a child that I know I have photos of because of this camera came flooding back.

I still think the design is cool, still compact. If I could find disc film and a place to develop the photos I'd like to take this for a spin.

Camera info:

Kodak Medalist I Disc
Produced between 1986 - 1987
Lens: 12.5mm f/2.8 Ashperic
Shutter: 1/100, 1/200
Film type: VR Disc
Picture size: 8 x 10 mm

Original Cost: $70

I was an '80's kid...

If you're earliest memories of video games include the words Tiger and Game & Watch then brace yourself to have your mind blown and a smile put on your face. Pica-Pic is a great site that has some of these old retro handheld games emulated online. What's really impressive is the presentation, it's about as close to holding one of these in your hands. I still own a couple of the games emulated on this site but just looking at the images of these old handhelds brings back memories. The Internet has outdone itself once again!