Learning Cinema...

The breakdown video above is a good motivator to looks past my annoyances with Cinema 4D and embrace it for motion graphics work. You can view the completed piece over on Vimeo.

Turns out here in Auckland, a lot of production studios use Cinema 4D. I had heard it was geared towards motion graphics and this week I did my first bit of work in Cinema 4D and it was... fine. Coming from 3D Studio Max, it is obvious how some things in Cinema are much easier to do. What had me a bit frustrated at times were the really basic things. Gizmo/pivot points seem to be a bit illogical once you start building up splines or add modifiers. Extrusion and bevel controls feel a bit limited. Either I'm missing something but why can't I create proper dummy objects?

It's still early days for me so my opinion isn't final, and I'm sure in a few weeks I'll be raving about Cinema. Until then I shall do right by the Internet and bitch about the learning process!

I was an '80's kid...

If you're earliest memories of video games include the words Tiger and Game & Watch then brace yourself to have your mind blown and a smile put on your face. Pica-Pic is a great site that has some of these old retro handheld games emulated online. What's really impressive is the presentation, it's about as close to holding one of these in your hands. I still own a couple of the games emulated on this site but just looking at the images of these old handhelds brings back memories. The Internet has outdone itself once again!