Drive Colour Pallete

I came across an interesting post on Reddit regarding the film Drive's colour palette. I can't find the Reddit post but I did save the link to the Imgur gallery created by user caulkmeat.  Check out the gallery he setup with a keen observation of the orange and blue colour palette used throughout the film. This goes beyond colour grading but shows the effort made to weave a visual theme throughout the film. My best guess is that this is all based on the look of traffic at night. It's pretty interesting an makes a great film even better.


The Gift, by Carl Erik Rinsch

An interesting mix of film making and advertising, reminds me a bit of the shorts put out by BMW a few years ago (in terms of quality/production value). This was interesting enough that I will forgive the Philips TV product placement (they did pay for this so it seems fair). This is now in the process of being turned into a feature film, shocking.

This is one of five shorts that are part of a campaign called Parallel Lines, you can view the other film over at

So its been a while...

Not sure if anyone actually fallows this blog, but if you do then I apologize for not posting for a while.  My wife and I moved back to Toronto from Melbourne at the end of December and I've been a bit busy adjusting to life here and getting back to work.  I hope to make an effort to post at least once a week, even it is jus some photos or some interesting news.

For now, I'll post the newly released trailer for the upcoming G.I. Joe movie - I'm not expecting this to be any good, but I will admit that the trailer got the kid in me a bit excited.