SKY App for Android TV Ad

Taking a break from the usual flying 3D logos to bring you a project I wrapped up last week while at Brandspank, an ad for SKY TV's Android app. It was an interesting project to work on, involving keying, tracking, and a bit for 3D for some of the character movements and phones but my proudest moment has to be the fingernail replacement around the 10 second mark Putting that on the CV!


SKY App for Android - 45 second TVC from Brandspank on Vimeo.


Two ads, two very different approaches...

Two cards ads, two very different treatments. Not sure if one ad is better then the other. The Chrysler is one heck on a way to have a brand represent so much more than the product being sold. The VW ad, well, just makes you smile. In any case two very good ads well worth watching.

Chrysler "Imported From Detroit"

VW "The Force"


The Gift, by Carl Erik Rinsch

An interesting mix of film making and advertising, reminds me a bit of the shorts put out by BMW a few years ago (in terms of quality/production value). This was interesting enough that I will forgive the Philips TV product placement (they did pay for this so it seems fair). This is now in the process of being turned into a feature film, shocking.

This is one of five shorts that are part of a campaign called Parallel Lines, you can view the other film over at

Fun with time...

So I recently came across two very interesting pieces of video, both essentially created to advertise new products but both interesting to watch.

First up is a demo reel from I-Movix to showcase their SprintCam V3HD that was recently announced at NAB. This broadcast native HD camera can capture ultra-slow-motion solution offering frame rates of 500 to 1,000 fps with instant replay.

Next up is a really well executed piece for Philips to show case their new lince of ultra wide screen tvs. Check out the official site for the full experience but you can get a preview from the YouTube clip below.